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School Dance Clubs

Before and After school clubs are becoming more and more popular especially since the London Olympics and the PE grant was awarded to Primary Schools

Primary Moves provides before school, lunchtime and after school clubs to children of all ages. Our clubs are fun, educational, focus on improving stamina, co-ordination, core strength and build team work, competitive and social skills.

Dance Clubs Available

Creative DanceCreative

After a contemporary dance warm up children will explore different themes and ideas to create their own movement.

This club enhances children’s creativity and confidence.

World DanceWorld

A lively and energetic club fusing different styles of dance from around the world.

Street DanceStreet

A popular club where children can learn the latest dance moves to current music.


Children will learn the basic ballet techniques as well as exploring rhythm and timing. Children enjoy using props and playing imaginative games whilst gaining confidence and social skills.


Very popular with boys this is a non-contact Brazilian Martial Art which incorporates dance, acrobatics and music.



The children learn different skills such as kicks, spins and cartwheels which they use when they play in a Roda (a circle of other participants) with another child.

Drama ClubDrama

This club focuses on enhancing children’s creativity and building their confidence.




We use lots of improvisation and role play games as well as studying texts and preparing performances for parents.


A fast paced and energetic club where children can learn stunts, tumbling and dance skills.

The club focuses on team work, building children’s strength, stamina, flexibility, co-ordination and confidence.