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Curriculum Classes

Primary Moves believes the importance of a creative curriculum and using dance to bring classroom topics to life.

When a dance artist works in a school, they tailor their lessons to complement classroom learning, whatever the subject. They liaise directly with teachers to devise schemes of work which will benefit all pupils. Each dance class consists of a warm up, dance technique exercises, creative time, reflection time and cool down excesses. We follow the National Dance Teachers Association guidelines for Primary Dance which link to the P.E National Curriculum. During each topic the children will learn dance movements, create their own movement and work with others in either pairs or small groups to choreograph short dances. At the end of each topic we try to organise a performance to class teachers or another year group. Teachers often use these dances in their class assemblies.


Example of day of dance

08:10 08:50 Before school club *
09:00 09:45 Year 1
09:45 10:30 Year 2
10:45 11:30 Year3
11:30 12:15 Year 4
12:15 13:30 Lunchtime club*
13:30 14:30 Year 5
14:30 15:30 Year 6
15:30 16:30 After school club *


Schools will usually rotate classes term by term so all year groups form Nursery to year 6 have a slot of dance during the year.

*clubs are extra to the daily or half daily fee and are either part funded by schools or fully funded by parents.

Benefits of having a dance artist in school

We all know the physical benefits of dance but dance also helps children mature emotionally, socially and cognitively.

For our kinaesthetic learners there is no better way of enhancing classroom themes and ideas than through exploring them through dance.

Here are just a few benefits of how a dance artist could work in your school:

  • Devise exciting dance schemes of work
  • Devise dances for class assemblies or school productions
  • Advise teachers on suitable music for class themes
  • Cover PPA time
  • Provide training for teachers who wish to observe classes
  • Provide opportunities for children to perform with other groups in London
  • Work closely with music, art and PE specialists to raise school standards
  • Provide out of school activities
  • Promote healthy lifestyles in school